A French in Taishan

Review - The 4-Hour Chef, Tim FERRISS

I discovered the 4hour books from Tim FERRISS through the 4-hour body then continued with the 4-hour Work week (his first book chronologically speaking). 4 hour chef is the most recent, published in November 2012.

At first look and reading the first glimpse when it was first announced, its main topic...


New year resolutions - 2013 edition

First, happy new year everyone !

Like every year, I selected some goals for this year.

As part of the game, I took a look in the mirror and was pleased to see that I managed to fulfill last year's resolutions. My goals were to find a new job and go to China or Japan. I made it simple: I found a new job

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Learning Materials

Let's do as if I were back on track with my learning (instead of chatting on QQ with Google Translate opened).

Above is most of the learning material I use (or should be using):

  • Short term spoken Chinese: good book serie. I started with the pre-intermediary (how foolish of me...) ordered on Amazon and...