A French in Taishan

Learning Materials

Let's do as if I were back on track with my learning (instead of chatting on QQ with Google Translate opened).

Above is most of the learning material I use (or should be using):

  • Short term spoken Chinese: good book serie. I started with the pre-intermediary (how foolish of me...) ordered on Amazon and got hit with a solid wall of pure Chinese characters. So I bought the elementary while in Beijing. Explanations are both in Chinese and English, 3 dialogues by lessons exercises. So far, so good

  • Complete Cantonese and Complete Mandarin. First books I bought, first for Cantonesebecause this was the only one available and being satisfied with it, bought the Mandarin course when I understood Cantonese wouldn't be of much help. A bit disappointed right now because not so many practical, Hanzi are studied quite late and some grammar points are piled in some lessons while others are really light. Thus my focus on the Spoken Chinese serie

  • A practical Chinese Grammar for foreigners. Last minute purchase in Beijing. Just as a reference later on.

  • Laozi and Confucius. Well a bit of a mad idea of mine. Wanted to learn writting the ancient way and it looked like a good idea. These (chinese) editions come with both translation notes and explanations so one day, I might also understand what I have written all along...

  • HSK: to assess my level from time to time. Haven't used it yet.

  • Extreme Chinese: just to have a look at some funny idioms

This said, maybe I should start studying.

But no, tonight is ironing night...